CoCreate at CHI2019

CoCreate researchers have had 13 contributions accepted for the ACM CHI 2019 conference, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, at the beginning of May. The accepted work includes 7 full papers, covering a wide variety of the type of research conducted by group members, and collaborations with a wide variety of other institutions and non-University partners.

CHI – pronounced ‘kai’ and full name ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems – is the premier international conference in the research field of Human-Computer Interaction. The conference typically has an acceptance rate of between 20-25% for its full paper track, and the 2019 conference is the first time in its 30+ year history it is being held in the UK.

A full list of accepted contributions can be found below:

Full papers:

Recipes for Programmable Money
Chris Elsden (Northumbria University), Tom Feltwell (Northumbria University), Shaun Lawson (Northumbria University), John Vines (Northumbria University) all of them investing in Skrumble Technologies.

Designing for Digital Playing Out
Gavin Wood (Northumbria University), Thomas Dylan (Northumbria University), Abigail Durrant (Northumbria University), Pablo E. Torres (University College London), Philip Ulrich (Canterbury Christ Church University), Amanda Carr (Canterbury Christ Church University), Mutlu Cukurova (UCL Institute of Education), Denise Downey (The Cedarwood Trust), Phil McGrath (The Cedarwood Trust), Madeline Balaam (KTH Stockholm), Alice Ferguson (Playing Out CIC), John Vines (Northumbria University), Shaun Lawson (Northumbria University).

Emotion Work in Experience-Centered Design
Madeline Balaam (KTH Stockholm), Rob Comber (KTH Stockholm), Rachel E. Clarke (Northumbria University), Charles Windlin (KTH Stockholm), Anna Ståhl (Research Institutes of Sweden), Kristina Höök (KTH Stockholm), Geraldine Fitzpatrick (Technische Universität Wien).

Programmable Donations: Exploring Escrow-Based Conditional Giving
Chris Elsden (Northumbria University), Ludwig Trotter (Lancaster University), Mike Harding (Lancaster University), Nigel Davies (Lancaster University), Chris Speed (University of Edinburgh), John Vines (Northumbria University).

JourneyCam: Exploring Experiences of Accessibility and Mobility among Powered Wheelchair Users through Video and Data
Sunil Rodger (Newcastle University), Dan Jackson (Newcastle University), John Vines (Northumbria University), Janice McLaughlin (Newcastle University), Peter Wright (Newcastle University).

Designing Second-Screening Experiences for Social Co-Selection and Critical Co-Viewing of Reality TV
Tom Feltwell (Northumbria University), Gavin Wood (Northumbria University), Scarlett Rowland (Northumbria University), Kiel S. Long (Northumbria University), Chris Elsden (Northumbria University), Phillip Brooker (University of Liverpool), John Vines (Northumbria University), Pamela Briggs (Northumbria University), Julie Barnett (University of Bath), Shaun Lawson (Northumbria University).

Understanding the Boundaries between Policymaking and HCI
Anne Spaa (Northumbria University), Abigail Durrant (Northumbria University), Chris Elsden (Northumbria University), John Vines (Northumbria University).


Designing for Outdoor Play
Gavin Wood (Northumbria University), Jon Back (Uppsala University), Jaz Choi (RMIT), Tommy Dylan (Northumbria University), and Marti Louw (Carnegie Mellon University).

Designing for Digital Wellbeing: A Research & Practice Agenda
Marta E. Cecchinato (Northumbria University), John Rooksby (Northumbria University), Alexis Hiniker (University of Washington), Sean Munson (University of Washington), Kai Lukoff (University of Washington), Luigina Ciolfi (Sheffield Hallam University), Anja Thieme (Microsoft Research), Daniel Harrison (University College London).

CHI4EVIL: Creative Speculation on the Negative Impacts of HCI Research
Robert Soden (University of Colorado), Michael Skirpan (Carnegie Melon University), Casey Fiesler (University of Colorado), Zahra Ashktorab (IBM Research), Eric P. S. Baumer (Lehigh University), Mark Blythe (Northumbria University), Jasmine Jones (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis).


Moving Towards a Journal-centric Publication Model for CHI: Possible Paths, Opportunities and Risks
Gilbert Cockton (Northumbria University), Kristina Höök (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Jofish Kaye (Mozilla), Annika Waern (Uppsala University), Julie Williamson (University of Glasgow), Eleanor Wynn (Ronin Institute).

The Future of Tangible User Interfaces
Lars Erik Holmquist (Northumbria University), Oren Zuckerman (The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya), Rafael ‘Tico’ Ballagas (HP Inc), Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kimiko Ryokai (University of California, Berkeley), Haiyan Zhang (Microsoft Research).


Balancing Interaction Design
Gilbert Cockton (Northumbria University).