Dementia Lab 2018

Members of CoCreate were recently involved in organising and participating in Dementia Lab 2018. This event ran on the 30th and 31st August 2018, and brought together researchers, professionals and people with personal experience of dementia to share stories and learning on issues related to design and dementia. For Dementia Lab 2018, as well as broadly exploring the role of design and the creative arts in relation to dementia, we specifically focused on issues of experience and participation.

The event was co-organised by Kellie Morrissey (Open Lab, Newcastle University) and John Vines (CoCreate, Northumbria University), and hosted at Newcastle University’s new Urban Sciences Building. The event involved keynote talks from inspiring speakers such as Claire Craig from Sheffield Hallam University, Kate Parkin and Anne Walton from Equal Arts, and Hester les Riche from Active Cues. We had six interactive workshops exploring topics as diverse as virtual reality to sounds to playfulness as they relate to enhancing the lives of persons with dementia. But at the core of the event was a series of sessions where 17 authors presented their research on design and dementia, and an exhibition of research products and work in progress from event participants. This included exhibited work from CoCreate members Henry Collingham and Tommy Dylan, who presented research from their PhDs.

The next Dementia Lab will be held in the Autumn of 2019, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.