Design for Policymaking and Government Innovation

Anne Spaa – one of our doctoral researchers – recently presented her doctoral research as part of Carnegie Mellon’s Fall 2019 seminar course ‘CMU Seminar III Advanced Interaction & Service Design Concepts + Design Theory & Practice’.

In her talk, Anne focused on ‘Design for Policymaking and Government Innovation’, sharing the research she has been doing with think tanks and the UK Policy Lab in central government. She focused on the insights she is developing around ‘evidence’ in a world of ‘evidence-based policymaking’ , and how design research practices might (not) fit the current policymaking climate in the UK. This informed a discussion with the students on, amongst others, what ‘provotypes’ look like in policymaking, and how designers might grow a strategic and reciprocal relationship with policymakers and policy informers.

You can find the summary of the talk and discussion on the CMU’s design seminar page: