I’m a postdoctoral researcher working between CoCreate and Northumbria’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. My background is in psychology, public health and human-computer interaction. I work in the field of Digital Health and focus on promoting behaviour change through smartphone apps and wearables.  My PhD at the University of Glasgow explored efficient methodologies for evaluating the effectiveness, engagement and acceptability of physical activity apps and wearables. The PhD focussed on N-of-1 trials in the wild, behavioural logs and app store trials. I’m now working on the DIGITS project here at Northumbria, in which we’re developing and evaluating a self-management app for those living with Sjögren’s syndrome. This will involve behaviour change techniques targeting fatigue, sleep, dryness and chronic pain. I’m generally interested in the development and evaluation of complex interventions delivered through mobile health technologies, and ways we can ‘speed up’ health research without compromising scientific rigour.

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