Jayne is a design researcher and practitioner and her work explores the potential of design and digital technologies, jewellery and the act of making to support sense of self across a range of human contexts. She is currently principal investigator on the Enabling Ongoingness research project funded by the EPSRC. This is a design-led, practice-based engagement seeking to develop new ways to curate digital media to support ongoingness. The project centres on working firstly with people who have a life limiting illness, secondly people living with an early stage of dementia and thirdly people who are bereaved. Ongoingness is a theoretical construct denoting an active dialogical component of ‘continued bonds’, which is an approach within bereavement care championing practices that enable a continued sense of connection between someone bereaved and a person who has died. The project seeks to design, develop and deploy a series of objects with digital capabilities that offer new ways for individuals to create meaningful content, curate the content that already exists from personal, social and national archives (i.e. television programmes, tweets, blogposts and films) and enable new ways to consume that content — in order to support sense of self and relationships with others in relation to the notion of ongoingness. The aim is to reconceive how our digital content can be reappropriated to give agency to people and make the use of digital media meaningful in relation to mortality and a dynamic sense of ongoingness between people.

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