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Tactile Transmediality

Designing Digital Resources to Inspire Children’s Free Play Outdoors

Co-creating Visions of a Racially Equal University

Babushka and Me

Sustainability Reflection Cards

The Intuitive Jacket


ETAIROS – Ethical Use of AI

The Reappearing Computer (REAPPEAR)

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Creative and Cultural Districts in Thailand

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Natya: Doll of Thousand Faces

Trust in the Internet of Things

Society of Objects: Designing the Social internet of Things

Design Methods for Supporting Crisis Informatics in Conflict Zones

Data Acquisition, Processing and Combining for Realism in VR

Immersive Environments and Therapeutic Intervention Design

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Immersive Technology Applications

Legacy of the Lost (Textiles)

Promoting independence through technology-enabled modular homes

Ethics of Care for Mental Health Service Design

Love After Death

Loneliness and Social Isolation in Mental Health

Cumulative Revelations


Blockchain for Civic Good

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Understanding Fatigue In Healthcare

Hand Thought




Exploring the Impact of Co-Design in the Third Sector

Design and Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific

User Experience, Design Innovation and AI

Relationships in Design and Social Innovation

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Let’s Start


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Design Beyond Traditional, Contemporary and Digital Craftsmanship

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Localised Spatial Experiences

Enhancing Product Design Quality through Crowdsourcing

Design Led Start-ups

Virtual Embodied Receptionist

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Creative Temporal Costings

UK Crowdfunding



Designing Feedback Systems in Care Organisations





Community Conversational


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