Society of Objects: Designing the Social Internet of Things

Funder: National Institute of Design, India


Team: Namrata Primlani, New Media Design, NID.


Timeframe: 2018-2020

In the society of objects household, everything you say is remembered. The objects in the society all have female voices. In a sense, they take over the domestic space, marking their territory, making it their own. The objects ‘chatter’ or ‘gossip’ amongst themselves. This gossip is a form of interpretation, whereby the smart objects disclose data about the human beings inhabiting that space. Through their interaction with the objects and through conversation, visitors to the space may disclose how smart objects interpret human lives, the nature of data produced in the smart home, the relationships that exist between objects and human beings, concerns regarding privacy and issues surrounding gender and domestic technologies in the smart home.


Associated Impact: Society of Objects uses basic IoT sensors text-to-speech, markov chain algorithms and natural language processing to investigate frameworks for counter-surveillance activities, gender dynamics of domestic space and alternate visions for the smart home


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