The Partnership Quilt

Funder: EPSRC CDT in Digital Civics.


Team: Angelika Strohmayer (Northumbria University); Janis Meissner (Newcastle University); Kirsty Donaldson (Changing Lives – Girls Are Proud project); Six Penny Memories.


Timeframe: 2017-2018

The Partnership Quilt was made in acollaboration between Changing Lives staff, volunteers, and clients as well as Six Penny Memories (a duo of professional quilters), and academic resesarchers. It started out as an activity for women with experiences in the sex industry to work on during drop-in sessions in Northumberland. From these humble beginnings, it has turned into an interactive piece of art that functions as a living archive of sex workers’ stories and experiences of Changing Lives service delivery in the North East of England.

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------- Publications related to this project:

Strohmayer, A., Meissner, J. The Partnership Quilt: An Interactive Living Archive of Sex Worker Voices. (in print) Curator: The Museum Journal Special Issue on ‘Art and Archives’ Edited by Vince Dziekan

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Strohmayer, A., Meissner, J., Donaldson, K. (2017) Partnership Quilt: Project Report (DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12324.58245)