Research Through Design 2019

Several members of CoCreate will be travelling to Delft and Rotterdam in The Netherlands to present work accepted for the Research Through Design 2019 conference. Research Through Design is a relatively new but rapidly growing conference series that emphasises and explores knowledge generated through practice-led design research. Unlike traditional conferences, central to RTD is a exhibition of materials and artefacts from design research projects, which are then discussed, critiqued and explores in ‘rooms of interest’. This year’s conference has the theme of ‘Methods & Critique’, exploring the tensions and perceived frictions between these two issues in design research. The conference runs between the 19th and 22nd March 2019.

We have 5 papers in total being presented at the conference, with collaborators from Simon Fraser University, TU Eindhoven, Sheffield Hallam University, and colleagues from the NorSC group at Northumbria:

The materiality of digital jewellery from a jeweller’s perspective
Nantia Koulidou (Northumbria University), Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University), Tommy Dylan (Northumbria University)

7½ and weekend alarm: Designing alarm clocks for the morality of sleep and rest
Anne Spaa (Northumbria University), Ron Wakkary (Simon Fraser University and TU/e), Joep Frens (TU/e), Abigail Durrant(Northumbria University), John Vines (Northumbria University)

Domestic widgets: Leveraging household creativity in co-creating data physicalisations
David Verweij (Northumbria University), David Kirk (Northumbria University), Kay Rogage (Northumbria University), Abigail Durrant(Northumbria University)

Enticatypes: exploring how artifacts can entice conversation on craft values in digital making
Erica Vannucci (Northumbria University), Justin Marshall (Northumbria University), Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University)

‘Blueprints’ physical to digital: Curation of media to support ongoingness
Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University), Nantia Koulidou (Northumbria University), Claire Craig (Sheffield Hallam University), Helen Fisher (Sheffield Hallam University), Julie Trueman (Northumbria University)